Rape is real. 

It’s official. I survived two years. I am still surviving. I’ve accepted the pain and hurt you had put me through. Whether if you still know or not.  I was having a good day, until my calendar, and time hop reminded me. Reminded me the actions of words I said to social media to avoid…

Beloved eVotional Week 3 -Distance Makes the Heart Grow

My current feeling of distance is one that I should be ashamed of saying. One that all the close people in my life from college and my family members would threaten to shun me for. One that my best friend would try to slap some sense into me for. One that I feel completely, and currently empty without.

Stop Doubting Me

Lately, a lot of people in my life have been questioning if it is really worth me going back to school in the fall, like as if I don’t have what it takes.

An Open Letter to About My First Rape

I always feel wrong for telling my story because society tells me I did everything wrong. That I asked for it. That it was my fault. But how is it my fault when I say no? How is it my fault when I can’t fully consent? And how is it my fault when they forced me? It’s not.

F*ck Feelings: Chapter 2 – F*ck Self-Esteem

Back at it again with the white vanssss. Just kidding, just another example and way to attack what is really bothering you in chapter 2 – self-esteem in the F*ck Feelings by Michael I. Bennett, MD and Sarah Bennett.

How I’m Saving My Money in 2017

If you know me, I may be the queen of being unable to save money. Like I call it a good week if I’m not in the negatives – that’s how bad I am at saving money. It’s low key depressing.

The Rise of the Hips

If you have noticed over the years that fashion tends to repeat itself every 20 years or so, but each designer tends to put their own twist on it. While working in retail, I see these trends come back all the time.


If you know me, I am a sucker for self help books. I’ve read You are a Badass by Jen Sincero and 15 Things You Should Give Up to be Happy by Luminita D. Saviuc. They really push me to help me know my worth of being the happiest I can be and not to…


Today I started the BeLoved eVotional by Jordan Lee SoulScripts that I happened to stumble upon through an add on instagram. Crazy right? Those adds always seem know what I need in my life whether or not I look into or not.

Texas Tech Home for the Holidays

Tuesday night, I went to Maggiano’s for a Texas Tech Home for the Holidays “dinner.” I quote the dinner because it was more so h’orderves and desserts. But Texas Tech is one of the two school that I have applied to for Fall2017, and I’m in love and I haven’t even visited yet.