Winter Beautycon Box

I have finally got it. Yes, what I have been waiting for since I saw the -$35.99 in my bank account about a month ago. Bur since I moved, and I failed to let beautycon know that I was charged $6.12. Lmao , I never had cash on me so tomorrow was my last day to pick it up from the post office. Even though today I went deeply into the negatives, I sucked it up and used my cash to buy back my box so it would return back to beautycon and I wouldn’t have had wasted $35+. So I received my box and good lord the Post Office was busy. But it was all worth it ( I hope ).

But in other news, I made an unboxing video. I tend to ramble and pause a lot in my videos but hey. That’s who I am. It all goes with my thinking process.

If watching my talk is your thing, then there you go. (I mean I think I’m pretty comical). But I have also decided to post pictures and label the products as well so y’all can get a closer look (:


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