Texas Tech Home for the Holidays

Tuesday night, I went to Maggiano’s for a Texas Tech Home for the Holidays “dinner.” I quote the dinner because it was more so h’orderves and desserts. But Texas Tech is one of the two school that I have applied to for Fall2017, and I’m in love and I haven’t even visited yet.

Basically check in was at 6:30pm, and we got to chat with current students until around 7. At 7 they had a student panel and they each shared why they chose Texas Tech, what they are involved in and the dorms and campus life. We also got to hear from the lead admissions advisor, the alumni president and the parents association. Even though I went to this event by myself, it was comforting that there was a parents association who were there to help the students from Colorado at Texas Tech. I was blessed to meet a fellow transfer student as well, so I knew I wasn’t the only one going through the process, because all the current students and most of the prospective students were freshmen and sophomores or incoming freshmen. I was able to exchange numbers with some of the people there to stay in contact with them and be able to contact them with questions about TTU.

When we came in, we each got a t-shirt and a goodie bag. The Goodie bag included a cup with red candy, a pen, a bumper sticker, and a lanyard, which was actually really cool. I don’t know after hearing the panel and all, I am even more excited to visit next month. I’m going for Transfer Day on February 17, and for some reason I thought I could make a day trip out of it when its honestly a 7.5 hour drive. Then I started hearing people say they were going for the weekend, and I thought to myself – “I should probably make it a weekend trip as well.”  This will probably be one of the first trips to a college I will be making myself and staying by myself so the confidence is shaky and anxiousness is high. But I know if I want to do this, I need to take control of my life. So I will most likely be making it into a Thursday – Saturday trip. I just need to decide if I’m gonna stay in a hotel or air bnb. I’m just excited to where my life is gonna take me in 2017.


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