How I’m Saving My Money in 2017

If you know me, I may be the queen of being unable to save money. Like I call it a good week if I’m not in the negatives – that’s how bad I am at saving money. It’s low key depressing. But after having to back out of Nashville for New Years, I thought to myself – “enough is enough.” I have a trip almost every month in the first 5 months and I CANNOT back out of these ones. I refuse, completely. I am making 2017 the year of exploration – exploration of myself and the world.

So let’s take note of all my trips.

In January (this month) I am going to the X Games (!!!). Luckily, I have already paid for the house and my G-Eazy ticket. This occurs January 26th – 30th. Currently, I need money for the night life and whether or not I want to buy a ticket to Anderson Paak, (people say he’s good so its a push for me to want to buy a ticket since its only $38 on Stubhub). I am upset that I literally cannot afford The Chainsmokers tickets on Stubhub, because people are asking ridiculous prices for them, like why though?! Who really knows, not my question to ask. But basically I have 4 pay days before the xgames, so my goal this month is to not go out, to not eat out, and only spend money on necessities (i.e. gas, college apps, transcripts). Ans so far, so good.

In February, I’m going to go visit Texas Tech! (Never been so excited to go to Texas, I’m lame, I know). But this trip is February 16th to the 19th. This one was kinda made last minute, if you read my blog 2 days ago, I changed it from a day trip (stupid me) to a weekend trip. So I will need money for most importantly, a hotel (so far the search is good i just need money to book it), gas money, food money, and leisure money. If I don’t use all the money from the 4 pay days in Aspen, then I’ll have left over money from that and 3 pay days before and 2 during the trip. My same non spending goals are in tact. The good thing about these non spending goals is that I work so damn much that I don’t really have to worry as much. My saving goals just need to get better.

In March (:D), firstly I’m visiting Fort Collins March 3rd for the transfer day which just requires gas money and the fee to attend ($15), not super worried. BUT March 9th – 16th I’m going to CABO! Literally been waiting for this since October basically. Last week I paid for the trip in full ($575), and back in October I paid the deposit ($150), so the hotel is covered. The trip was originally March 11th to 16th, but the cheapest round trip flight we found flew out on the 9th, so we moved our trip up to the 9th. The flight is paid for ($287, I believe). Then we found a hotel to stay at for the first 2 nights for only ($150 each). Now I just need money for wtf knows, but I need money in a foreign country. I believe in myself.

So basically that’s all I have planned so far, but to recap on saving money this year is to:

  1. make eating out at a minimum
  2. if i do go out its on ladies night (free), or its when I’m on my trips
  3. make college apps and transcripts and credit card bills a priority of spending
  4. save save save! it will benefit you in the end
  5. and mostly, pick up on as many hours as you can

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