F*ck Feelings: Chapter 2 – F*ck Self-Esteem

Back at it again with the white vanssss. Just kidding, just another example and way to attack what is really bothering you in chapter 2 – self-esteem in the F*ck Feelings by Michael I. Bennett, MD and Sarah Bennett. This one is called: Fighting the Loser’s Curse (literally my current life). Let’s jump right in!

Quick Diagnosis:

  1. What you wish for and can’t have
    1. ability that doesn’t suck
    2. friend/lover anytime before you die
    3. a reason for confidence
    4. dreams that happen
    5. to reflect without horror
  2. What you can aim for and actually achieve
    1. do best to survive
    2. act like you like yourself
    3. stay busy
    4. do not add to troubles
    5. change your underwear to change your luck (lol what)
  3. Here’s how
    1. “should have” turns to “just can’t” and “could have” turns to “what it is”
    2. keep track of daily activities that relate to work, health, survival, and nurturing a personal life
    3. grade yourself daily
    4. extra points when you treat yourself
    5. get a pet (i say a cat, or i guess a dog. but fish are cheap)

Your letter:

Dear [me/beloved pet/the ceiling],

I know I lack self confidence, related to my lack of [skills/cash/education/good looks] and inability to [feel more self confident after I see my therapist/take antidepressants/read self help books]. However, I haven’t let it drive me to [insert illegal and/or addictive activity], at least not yet, and I’m still taking care of business. I’m still confident in my ability to ignore how confident I [don’t] feel while I wait for my luck to turn.

Again, I put the whole letter in and bolded what I chose to use haha. These crack me up so much, like I could actually picture myself saying these this to someone, let alone myself.

Stay classy, folks.


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