F*ck Feelings Chapter 3 – Getting Justice and/or Closure

Quick Diagnosis

What you wish for and can’t have:

  • Restoration
  • Faith that everything happens for a reason
  • Justice and fairness
  • Closure

What you can aim for:

  • accept loss of what you thought was yours
  • accept lack of control
  • figure out how to confront false assumptions about good people
  • live with regret without knowing the importance

How you can do it:

  • confront negative thoughts
  • enjoy the good times
  • learn to tolerate regret
  • confront yourself
  • reassure yourself that its not your responsibility for things you can’t control

Your Letter:

Dear [Me/Fellow Closure – Seeker],

I know I can’t get it out of my mind that I once had a [respectable job/spouse/nice car/unshakable sense of safety] and now I need someone to restore my faith in life and myself. I also know that life [immensely sucks] and I’ve done nothing to deserve this. If I can’t [move to a better universe/get plastic surgery/find a mystic guru], I will try to accept that I can’t protect myself from major shit and learn to live with whatever bad feelings that leaves in my [head/gut/bones]. If I need closure, I’ll get a zip tie. 


disclaimer: i do not own or claim these words from F*ck Feelings by Michael I. Bennett, MD and Sarah Bennett. 


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