Rape is real. 

It’s official. I survived two years. I am still surviving. I’ve accepted the pain and hurt you had put me through. Whether if you still know or not. 

I was having a good day, until my calendar, and time hop reminded me. Reminded me the actions of words I said to social media to avoid the topic that you raped me. That a known male raped me in my home. A football player. One that gets all in high mighty praise on college campuses because you bring the revenue into the school. Go figure. 

People tell me I shouldn’t share this information about me. That I should keep it hidden like it doesn’t exist. But guess what, it does. Way more than people want to believe. Before this rape I was sexually assaulted multiple times. I guess they could call me vulnerable to rapists and assaulters. Easy to attack for their choosing. 

It’s better for me to talk about it and hopefully reach someone than not talk about and never reach anyone. I know there are girls and people out there who can relate to me. I want to let them know that I am here for them. 

So if you want me to shut up about rape and assault and abuse, it’s not gonna happen. It’s very prevalent in this country and the world and I won’t allow you to make me act like it’s not there when it obviously happened to me. 


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