Beloved: Week 8 – The Relationship Rollercoaster

GET IT OUT What kind of rollercoaster are you riding? Are you experiencing steep ups and downs in your relationships? Maybe facing uncertainty? Where is your trust lacking?  The rollercoaster I am riding is strictly with myself. I have a tendency to start things and immediately or even gradually fail or not finish them. I…

To Be Noticed 

All I ask is to be noticed. Not the noticed in “hey parents, look what I did today.” The noticed in that I don’t have to tell you I did something good. The noticed that you see me trying and changing for the better. The noticed that you are proud that I am you daughter….

Beloved Week 7: Rest & Trust the Best

What have you been seeking attention, affection, or affirmation from? Has it been from God or something else? Or perhaps God AND something else?

I have been seeking attention from boys and my parents.


Lent starts today, indeed it does. I always participated in it since my mom told me to as a child. But although in college, it was much harder to do and I switched it from giving up something to taking in something positive. For me, that’s what worked for me at the time.  Now. I…