Word of Thought

I just finished binge watching 13 Reasons Why amongst the past 3 days. I have never connected to a fictional character in my entire life. I have never resonated with someone or a story or a show ever. Hannah Baker’s life in the show was my life at Appalachian State. The worst five and a half…

Beloved: Week 8 – The Relationship Rollercoaster

GET IT OUT What kind of rollercoaster are you riding? Are you experiencing steep ups and downs in your relationships? Maybe facing uncertainty? Where is your trust lacking?  The rollercoaster I am riding is strictly with myself. I have a tendency to start things and immediately or even gradually fail or not finish them. I…

Stop Doubting Me

Lately, a lot of people in my life have been questioning if it is really worth me going back to school in the fall, like as if I don’t have what it takes.

Texas Tech Home for the Holidays

Tuesday night, I went to Maggiano’s for a Texas Tech Home for the Holidays “dinner.” I quote the dinner because it was more so h’orderves and desserts. But Texas Tech is one of the two school that I have applied to for Fall2017, and I’m in love and I haven’t even visited yet.